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We are a venture based on passion and love for nature, started with zeal and everything else followed. Coincidence is high with the canvas of Rajasthan, which has turned around the perpetual perception of arid desert land to mark great breakthroughs in agriculture and dairy. We are foremost committed to give back more than we take from Mother Nature, underlining all our activities.

Moreover, India is habitat to 16% of the world population on 2% of its geographical area, and 15% of world’s animals on 1% of its grazing land. To justify this mismatch between growing population and receding resources, agriculture and animal husbandry must complement each other. The best way to achieve it is to create interdependent cyclical habitats, where each factor is both the feeder and gainer for each other.

We, Trunks and Roots are a Delhi-based enterprise dedicated to allied agricultural and dairy activities through modern methods and innovations, committed to naturalness and purity of our every grain and drop.

Our canvas is spread across 350 Acres of land in Jaipur Rajasthan, with Modern Integrated Campus Farm of 160 Acres. The Farm Estate is a marvel of nature’s wonders, surrounded by lush green hills on all sides and in vicinity of the dense adjoining forests. Wind, water, sunlight, food, peace and sleep are at its best in our Farm.

Our concerns include Hybrid Greenhouses, Off-Season Exotic Crops, Cow-breeding, Dairy, Floriculture, Horticulture, Fodder Crops, Foodgrains, Timber Plantations, Fruit Orchards, Vermi-Compost, Aquaculture, Honey- apiary and a lot more…


  • 7.5 Acres of Hybrid Cooled Greenhouses
  • Protected Cultivation - Dutch Rose & Exotic Vegetables
  • Automated Modern Dairy with 500+ Imported Cows
  • Cow-Breeding –In house nutrition and impregnation
  • Orchards - Papaya, Pomegranate, Lemon, Orange, Guava etc.
  • Timber Plantations - Rosewood, Teak and Poplar
  • Fodder Crops cultivation with natural manure
  • Open Horticulture - Seasonal vegetables
  • Open Floriculture - Tuberose, Gladiolus, Marigold etc.
  • Aquaculture – Fish & Lotus Flower
  • Vermi Compost Manure from cow dung
  • Honey Apiary – With Spanish bees bred among our own flower fields


  • Close to Delhi & NCR
  • Direct reach to Customers
  • Modern and Safe Methods
  • Answerability and Identity
  • In-bred Cows with best care/li>
  • In-house Animal Feed
  • Natural Manure and water
  • Natural Manure and water
  • Safe Biotic Production
  • No pesticides, fertilizers, chemicals
  • Employment to local workforce
  • Now available near you!!


Recipient of the Prestigious Dharti Putra Award in 2014 for being the best Horticulture Farm in Rajasthan.

Hundreds of satisfied End customers and Prestigious Retail Names in Delhi & NCR.


The Firm Delhi-based entrepreneurs with a background of all good things, education, exposure and corporate business before diversification.
The Farmers Young Farmers, Scientists, Agronomists, Doctors and Engineers engaged in the gamut of dairy, horticulture, floriculture, orchards, manure, greenhouse and management, with right blend of experience, education, passion and will.
The Hands A pool of over 130 dedicated sons and daughters of soil from various states of country who treat the farm and their work as their only family, only address, only knowledge and only aim.


Cow Milk

Unprocessed, Untouched by hands, Fresh, Pure and Safe from our own healthy cows fed on in-house green fodder.

Cow Colostrum

The greatest source of nutrition, antibodies and immunity known to mankind, fresh and pure colostrum from healthiest cows.

Seasonal Vegetables

Seasonal and Exotic vegetables grown inside our farm only with natural manure, rainwater and a lot of care, free from chemicals, colors, pesticides, preservatives, fertilizers, chemicals etc.


These grains are residual of the matured fodder crops, grown in the grazing grounds of our animals, blessed with purity of animal interface.


Made in-house from cow-dung, our vermicompost is purest and of finest quality to give the best natural boost for any crop or plant.


Rose, Marigold, Tuberose, Chrysanthemum, Gladiolus, etc. sold in bulk international markets.


Healthy Saplings of Bell Peppers, Cabbage, Tomato, Rose, Carnation, Lily, Date Palms, Money-Plant etc.

Coming Soon:

Fish, Honey, Spices

Retail Presence


Gulmohar Store

45, DDA Market, Opp. Central Bank, Gulmohar Park

Mr. Rakesh Goyal



Delhi Fruit Mart

Opp. Jughead, Uday Park Market

Mr. Anil



Malik Store

44, Def. Col. Market

Mr. Rohit Malik



Garg Store

Greater Kailash-II Market Opp. Tikona Park

Mr. KC Gupta



NFC Super Store

Lane3 Bharat Nagar N.F.C

Mr. KC Gupta



Bharat Store

Jor Bagh Market, New Delhi

Mr. Bharat



Shimla Fruit Mart

72-B, Khan Market

Mr. Aman

24697231/ 9899093027


Seven Star Store

R-Block Market

Mr. Ashok



Milk Store

Hudco Ansal

Mr. Govind


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TR Farms, Medh Village, Tehsil Virat Nagar, District Jaipur, Rajasthan-303003

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